Satelite is an industry leader since 1990, we are the preferred and most recognized international DMC and tours provider in Los Cabos area, Satelite Los Cabos offers Destination Magnament Services, Sightseeing tours, Charter services, VIP Airport transfers and Convention services.

We also have the newest and largest fleet of vehicules in the area, combined with a state of the art network that allow our professional staff, be all the time on line and on time with every service we provide.

We are proved leaders among high quality Destination Magnament Companies, able to translate and manage every detail big or small to make your program a unique and unforgettable one.


Satelite have many years in the industry, around 30 years of service, transportation in our business with that thinking in mind we always try to exceds your expectations. We change the fleet every three years and always have in perfect condition our cars.

While others transportation companies have only two o three units, we have around 50 units, and also include motor coach's, for our newest and biggest fleet, our long experience in service and the fairest prices in the area, we are your option number one.

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